Our IMSI Catchers are specifically designed to meet the operational needs of each type of application. They are compatible with all cellular networks (GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G ...) on all frequency bands) and are controlled by PC and / or Smartphone.

For tactical operations, they offer the ability to identify and locate the holder of an IMSI / IMEI number, or to know all the IMSI / IMEI numbers used by the same suspect

They  can  also  be  deployed  per- manently  to  a  sensitive  site  to be  protected  (border,  airport)  to create a database of IMSI / IMEI numbers entering and leaving the area and to send an alarm in real time.  In  a penitentiary  setting, they can be deployed

to filter cellular communications 

(whitelist/ blacklist).

Pour des opérations au contact (restaurant, bar) les ‘’pocket catchers’’ sont une solution compacte et discrète. Ils sont autonomes et peuvent être portés dans une poche ou dans un sac, pilotés par une application Android sur le smartphone de l’utilisateur. Ils sont équipés de cartes radio SDR (Software Defined Radio) polyvalentes permettent de travailler successi- vement sur tous les opérateurs du pays et sur toutes les générations (2G/3G/4G) avec une portée d’approximativement 40 mètres pour 2W de puissance.


VAMP is a network sniffer that allows to visualize in real time  the  WIFI  environment.


It  displays  all  the  WIFI  routers and  the clients  connected  to  it,  and  allows  you  to disconnect  them  with  a  single  click.

It  displays  MAC  addresses, used  Wifi  channel  number,  signal  strength  (RSSI)  to help you identify and locate your target.

By performing a scan of a few seconds near a building, you can  for  example  see  if  phones are  currently  connected  to the WIFI router that is in the home of your target or if came- ras protect the place in which you want to intervene and in which case disconnect them

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