GSYS4420 is a portable 4 SDR radio system integrated in a backpack. Each channel can be configured indepently to simulate a 2G / 3G / LTE - FDD / TDD BTS or to perform a network scan.

Backpack solution 4 RADIOS SDR

without bag or batteries

inside a backpack

Composition of GSYS4420

Also includes 4 omnidirectional reception antennas ( RX and 2 transmission antennas (TX) for BTS. TX antennas have hemispherical radiation and a gain greater than 3 dBi. GSYS4420 is designed to work with M|L grade BB-2590 batteries available on the market, but also directly from a vehicle power supply.

The on-board power hub has two power inputs, with a BB-2590 connector. The second port allows a hot change of the batteries so that it can continue to operated without interruption when the batteries are replaced to recharge them. GSYS4420 incorporates silent fans that automatically regulate the temperature.

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