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Automate the analysis of digital data to resolve investigations faster

Digital data can no longer be ignored in modern day investigations. With an ever-growing variety of digital devices and cloud sources producing volumes of highly valuable data, investigators need an intuitive tool to leverage this critical source of evidence when resources are limited. 

Cellebrite Analytics eliminates the time-consuming and manual review of digital data. It is a force multiplier that uses Artifcial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning algorithms, to automatically surfaces formative leads and actionable insights from every bit and byte of digital data during the early hours of an investigation.

Easily implement Cellebrite Analytics into your existing investigative workfow, to visualize the case narrative for key stakeholders.

Key Benefits
Streamline cases from UFED Physical Analyzer

Save time with one-click data ingestion directly from UFED Physical Analyzer.

Know what to focus on first in the dashboard

Get a bird’s-eye view of what matters most with key insights  to look at right away. All media and data points are consolidated and organized through media categorization, contact analysis, and core third-party interaction. This convenient lobby of decision highlights the Who, What, Where, When and Why. 

Create your own media categories

Industry-frst custom media categorization capabilities allow you to easily input images from within a case or upload your  own to create new categories using machine- learning algorithms.

Recognize people, places, and objects in images

Automatically detect and categorize image frames such as child exploitation, weapons, drugs, and documents using advanced facial recognition and image categorization to surface leads and more.

Skip to relevant scenes within video

Speed up time-to-evidence with automatic categorization of individual video frames within a fle. Predefned categories are marked on the playback bar including scenes containing  nudity, fags, cars and more.

Automatically aggregate and merge multiple identifers across different sources to see a suspect’s complete digital persona and their map of connections.

Analyze any video format

External video investigation solutions are now integrated into Analytics to allow a one-click hand over of video fles, including all CCTV formats. Compare external video sources to phone-stored video and recognize benchmark footage to assist with media categorization and video synopsis output.

Visualize case reports

Take a snapshot of the information as it appears in context to easily communicate with visuals to a court or to stakeholders of an investigation.

View numerous identifiers as a single person

Analytics Desktop

Analytics Enterprise



2x Intel Xeon-Silver 4110 (2.1GHz/8- core/85W) Total number of CPU cores is 16

 Intel Core CPU with 8+ cores and AVX support Processor


1x Intel Xeon W-2135 3.7 2666MHz 8.25 6C

Intel Core CPU with 4 cores and AVX support

Operating System


Windows Server 2016 64-bit Standard

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


64-bit Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Windows Server 2016 64-bit Standard

Memory ( RAM )


32+ GB RAM

Space Requirements



4x 4TB 7200 SATA


256GB DDR4 2666 ECC REG

256GB DDR4 2666 ECC REG

2 x 2TB SSD in RAID1 16TB=5x 4TB HDD in RAID5 (4+1) 





HDD-based storage for digital evidence


Compute capability 3.5

Supported GPUs include: Quadro P600, P2000 Tesla P4, P40

Graphics Processing Unit

For Media analytics (optional)

* With a GPU card media analytics processing is 10 times faster


Compute capability 5.0

NVIDIA Quadro P4000

Network Interface Card


4x 1GB, 2x 10GB


1x 1GB

Additional Requirement

Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.6.2

Java SE 8

1 GB

Web Client with Google Chrome version 56 or higher

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