Get  access  to  private  user  data  stored on  the  cloud  (personal  files,  history  of conversations,  etc.)  using  information retrieved by extracting UFED devices or using  user  names  and  provided  by  the suspect.The authenticity of the data is guaranteed: each extracted data element is chopped separately and can be compared later to its original version.

Applications:  Skype,  WhatsApp,  Viber, Fring, MotionX, AIM, TigerText, Facebook Messenger,  Twitterrific,  Textfree, Google+, Facebook, Foursquare, Waze, Kik,  Instagram,  KeepSafe,  WeChat, Snapchat,  Line, TextSecure,  KakaoTalk, Wickr , BBM…: 

Today, criminal investigations may require analysis of  dozens  of  devices  per  case.  LINK ANALYSIS is  the  best  tool  to  meet  the  needs  of  Forensic specialists and field investigators in order to easily and immediately identify the most critical elements in  the  mass  of  information  gathered  (call  logs, data Applications,  text,  locations,  images,  videos and more. 

LINK ANALYSIS allows users to quickly explore a variety of themes or theories by opening multiple views  across  multiple  screens,  applying  relevant filters  (file  type,  victim  group,  suspect  group), and automatically generating the chronology of a person’s activities. 

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