Best  in  the  range  of  non-cooled  thermal cameras

4 hours battery life with 3 AA batteries

Ergonomic and lightweight

Digital Zoom x1, x2, x4

Target detection / recognition (man): 2.5 / 0.7 km

Target detection / reconnaissance NATO: 3.3 / 1.0 km

Can be used with any kind of bezel

Protection IP68

Operating temperatures from -40 ° C to + 50 °

CCVBS analog video output


The GS-LW75U can be used both as an autonomous and  portable  observation  camera  and  in  front  of  the bezel of an assault rifle. The video signal is available on a connector. For example, it can be used to transmit images to a command center.

Using a GS-LW75 in foggy weather

Comparison between the GS-LW75U thermal camera and other models

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