Defence against aerial threats

Drones Jammers

In recent years, the civilian drone market has been rapidly expanding. Drones have become increasingly easy to use, particularly with the help of GPS autopilot and GPS mission planner.

The flight time has also reached impressive lengths and it is now possible for users to fly Uavs over cities and other sensitive areas without any restrictions. According to this critical scenario, with the drone jammer Back Pack Drone offers a concrete solution against any type of Uavs controlled via RF/GPS. Drone Jammer is a system to counter drones that protects against drone intrusion. Small and transportable, the system includes up to four bands of jammers inside the circuits, able to cut the most common link between drones and Operator/GPS, preventing drones from reaching their designated target. The system is equipped inside 4 jammer modules equipped with GAN Power Amplifier Technology powered by 30W each, available on all frequencies from 20 to 6000 Mhz.

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